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Brief history of City Hostel

Materials provided by the Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Krakow is giving information that the tenement house in which City Hostel is located, is listed in the register of monuments under the number A-471 and is owned by the Juliusz Słowacki Theater, located near the property in Holy Spirit Square. Its origin dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century. The townhouse was built in the place of the church of St. Scholastica, erected in 1648, The non-existent sacral object was modest, one-nave, with a facade facing St. Mark Street. The monastery was abolished in 1782 and rehearsals for its rebuilding began in 1835, but finally in 1877 the building was home to the. St. Scholastica school for girls. In the second half of the 20th century, a part of the church (from St. Mark’s Street) was converted into a primary school, functioning to this day, being a separate part of a series of buildings with a tenement house in which the hostel is located.